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Personal Finance

The Finanical Manual is ready for your enjoyment. The manual is a cummulative gathering of finincial ideas and topics researched over the past five years. Should you find this manual insightful, useful and relevant to your needs then please send a donation as a way to further support the efforts South Baldwin engages in so it may bring you more valuable information. Click here to download this file.

The new spiritual pamplet is "Daily Shoes..." its a series of guiding affirmations to put into practice.

Our publications are the works of our Sr. Pastor, who has granted us permission to offer them for the growth of membership and the training of others. To have tools to demonstrate how many of the Proverbs work in our lives. Many of our basic, informative and pleasure reading publications are FREE of charge, some of our advanced publications are a source of revenue, so we may bring you more low cost, no-nonsense educational materials incorporating the truths of the Proverbs. Should you find our publications enlightening and desirable please without hesitation link to our membership page to experience the publication at it's fullest complete nature.

Each one of our advanced publications has an associated description and objectives to be learned.

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 NOTEMASTERS - Proverbs 22:7

1st edition "Daily Shoes....healing a nation"

DAILY SHOES...healing a nation with Presidential Affirmations

Goals and Attainment

Goals Attainment


Source guides

Begin with some, wisdom from others, ask - what are the things necessary to move forward successfully. What motivates me in the directions I want to go and am I missing the big picture or where is my place right now and where is it tomorrow.

Study of the Proverbs tell us the stories necessary to answer the first paragraph. Our works are available to all of those who seek it,  the use of the 3L's is essential to life as it should be seen.

Business of Interest

Here is a business opportunity that should be investigated. It illustrates the use and power of many Proverbs. ebook file