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Welcome to South Baldwin!

We're are a non-profit church organization established in 2003. Our Purpose statement is we seek to focus on the foundational truths found in the study and implementation of the lessons in "The Proverbs of Solomon". The Book of Proverbs is the original self-help book, with lessons on relationships, work, and money. The Proverbs were written over 3000 years ago and are still relevant to living today. The knowledge is timeless. Here at South Baldwin we encourage the study with research covering the many interpretations and understandings of the guidelines in the Proverbs. We distribute materials, operate a message board and set up regular meetings to share and study the wisdom of the Proverbs. Sermons are electronically available for your own delight.

At South Baldwin, we believe in the scriptures of the Proverbs as a way to a well-centered spirit of inner intelligence and external peace.

South Baldwin works to increase each members understanding of biblical universal truths and there applications in Today's world. You are invited to take part in our premise that knowledge and nature is a faith fulfilling priority.

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