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God is the tapestry
and we are the threads;
every person and every thing
woven together to create
what we call Life.

And what a boring tapestry it would be
if all of the threads were exactly alike;
the same color,
the same thickness,
the same texture.

God is infinite,
in variety as well as power.
Do not attempt to limit Him
by saying that
“this” is the way things should be, or
“that” is the way things should be.

 Accept and love God
and all of His variety of threads
for all of Their wondrous differences.

 Scott Schiepek

To all of those in Need....

As part of our charitable giving and learning skills, come join us in 2008... South Baldwin will offer garden plots to families in need of  food and nourishment. Up to 20 ' by 20 ' areas are available to those in need at no cost, open to all members in community. Your contribution is your time prepping the land and seeding. When harvest time arrives reap the rewards. Food plotting efforts are available at our Atlas home. E-mail for details


What's New At South Baldwin?
We have begun to a series of guiding steps for one's soul in today's mirad of pitfalls. 

New Financial Manual offerred for free. Learn skills on managing personal finances, learn about budgeting, controlling costs, saving tips, and a healthy financial soul.

Part 1 in a Series -

Parasitic Minds


This writing is designed to highlight the elements and disposition of the Parasitic Mind.

First is to exam the psychology of the Human Parasite Mind. The make-up of such a person is such that of the following:

  1. They are deviant and defiant. they expend enormous amounts of energy to agitating others especially when ordered to perform. They tend to link the a self-developed event, a relation, or agreement as the reason of their dismal situation so they lash out with lawsuits, constitutional infringements or some other tangent effort. 
  2. They never want to address real answers to the questions of – What have I done to get me to this point? And what positive efforts can move me to improve my life? What did I fail to do? What promises did I break,but still feel entitled to the benefits of the promise? Who supports me in my sadistic style of thinking? Why do I think this time is different?
  3. They are not collaborative – they don’t participate in the community or working to participate. Being parasitic their single mode is to extort, steal or justify how they where wronged so they believe there thinking of how they are owed something for nothing.
  4. Non – inviting - not open to creating relations due to the facts, all contact turns into spats of how they became wronged.
  5. They think every thing from their idea perspective will work, in reality the opposite is true and the road of hard diligent work is what they are trying to short cut around.  They have Usurped God's natural laws.
  6. Not Mindful – never learning from negative past experiences but wish to repeat that effort that failed previously. Being honest to themselves and others is not in their volcabulary, it doesn't fit their fantasy perspective. Denial is where their mind lives.
  7. Retaliatory and blame artist. They believe truth is only in their mind, which is usually a  kingdom of fantasy. Most importantly they are Terrorist of Barritry. They long for causing grief and agitation to others for the thrill of it or to again emphasize they were wronged and are due and owed. Most parasites are reprobative in nature, while at one time had or possessed something and due to their own mistakes, inactions, bungling or doings they LOST something. This is again where they deny themselves as being the root cause of their situation and condition. Their only Silver-Bullet hope in fantasy world is to lash out in the form of resistant dubious behavior. Rarely, if ever can they say – well that’s just the way it is, or life goes on after my mistake-I ‘ve learned and will do better- it’s up to me.
  8. Silver-bullet false hope – They are specialist at running off in a tangent with the belief that it will supply the false hope they so desperately cling too. They never ask others who are successful, to question what worked and why, what didn’t and how not to repeat it.
  9. They claim to be certain occupations, such as odd jobber, more often they claim to be Farmers but are a disgrace to the true profession of Farming. Ask any sucessful farmer and they are grounded in the understanding of God's natural laws and uphold their words and promises without excuses or gyrations.
  10. Excuses are always welcome – self-generated ailments, headaches, and other ficticuous hurts that justify down time. Its all mental most have all their limbs and are fortunate to be in reasonable health. 

 The Parasitic Mind is mentally and morally deficient, they are bankrupt in nature and bankrupt in mind, they place hope on extortion but fail to participate in helping another for God’s goodness. These folks have a long history in mankind as true reprobates, such an individual is bankrupt in totality and therefore strongholds of the PARASITIC MIND. Bankrupt vessels never seem to define nor achieve their happiness and joy of being one of God’s earth dwellers. Therefore, the parasitic mind's destiny is one of empty souls, directionless and without purpose. I pray for their salvation, deliverance, and revival.

The parasitic mind must first past the test of Christian homogenization. The parasitic mind overlooks that fact and  have entered the spirit’s firey rings as they engage in terrorist-like extortist tactics.  I pray for their salvation, deliverance and revival.

Time and time again, the parasitic minds have shown their contorted way to live and agitate another Christian. They are the  kings of  NOT performing to expectation or as they have implied, they deny realities of life, they whine of how they messed themselves up because of an external event, then begin a circus act  of incomprehensible babbling as to why  a Silver-Bullet False Hope fabricated in their own mind is their NEW Savior. The truth and Christ will prevail, while terrorist like reprobates are always damned. I pray for their salvation, deliverance and revival.

Once again, They are starting-up the misguided band playing false music – the tune “Silver-Bullet Hope” heard in their own minds. The parasitic mind believes in usurping God’s natural laws and then wonders why the forces of grace have been against them. I pray for their salvation, deliverance and revival.

Parasitic minds should seek the professional mental help necessary to rid their demons, obtain a mental bailout and seek the spiritual guidance needed for righting their bankrupt minds, souls and hearts. I pray for their salvation, deliverance and revival.

In final, the parasitic minds must be able to ask themselves, “ Has the misguided wrangling and time spent from living in bizarre world, made me feel joyful from the final outcomes? If no, then “could I allow myself to enter the spirit’s world of truth and righteousness?, if yes, then “when? -  can I open up to and accept the promises of God?” I pray for their salvation, deliverance and revival.  Over time from research and real examples will be added to the tactics typically acted by and thru the parasitic mind.

Energizing the Virtual Soul

The attack on your soul is greater now than ever before. The ingredient for vigor in life becomes participation and the opposite becomes complacency. The same is for the spirit and your relationship with God. In total, God has offered the conditions of greatness through him by active prayer and belief in him. So too the point that many fail to really connect by linking the conditions of goodness with those you love and the other children of God.

The offering by God is his many hand directed divine writings of hints, reminders and stories found in the Bible. Attach that spiritual knowledge to the other great offering of God , nature. Nature is the God given sanctuary for prayer, reflection and observation. It is the world of nature that teaches us how we can improve ourselves that will yield in other’s improvements. Starting from within it is the focal of your universe. Three vital human characteristic steps; Centered Spirit, Self-Skill, and Knowledge Transfer, must be achieved in order to fully carry out the calling of Christ and the true lessons taught by him through his only sacrifice.  These few steps allow our inner abilities to align with God straightly by a clear-minded manifest of our purpose.

Getting Your Spirit Right
This beginning step is not something that happens in a split second. It requires you to drop your spiritual defenses and accept the love of God in to your daily activities. Whether is writing an email or machining a part. Mindful participation is necessary. In obtaining a centered spirit, a spirit right with God. Some preplanning must occur. Simple steps of oneness to God through prayer. “A tree is known by its fruit” Matthew 12:33. As in many aspects our own lives, we are an imitation of nature. The conditions of knowledge and place are God’s promise that the centering of your spirit is up to you. Many effects may occur from this transformation of determining your core. At times other friends and family may balk at you, however over time, usually short amounts of time, the soul of yourself is exposed and none will know its purpose more than yourself. This self centering of Spirit will emulate to others through your acts and direction.

Skill Enhancement
In short form, this second step requires the mind and body to collaborate in working for a common vision of excellence. That vision magnified as the final point of your skill pursuing journey. Whether you’re a cook, bus driver, machinist or brain surgeon your skill here on earth gives you just cause. Its that inner burn that when first set straight with the covenants of God will reach elevated happiness for self and family. The work of your own mind, spirit, and hands is an art form of inner living. From creating new chemical mixtures to carving an angel from the ice – skill is a happiness that flows from the inner body to the external world. The result is the use of your skill to benefit others and yourself. Perfection of a skill can add to life’s excitement. “A workman  that needeth not to be ashamed” II Timothy 2:15 .  The work as a labor of love is not autonomous to God or God’s children

Knowledge Transfer

Whether work enjoyed or not, one aspect of a centered spirit is that your workings are not forever and that you must look to align with the next generation of God’s children and pass the accomplishment of skill to create an ever growing resourcefulness on human culture. The ultimate in God’s calling is to be true to him and true to his children through creating conditions upon which all of his children are enabled to be educated and enlightened from the experiences of his elder children. It is this knowledge transfer event, that in recent years has become non-existent. The results are the attempts of our younger generation trying to usurp the laws of God through unkind and mean-spirited acts to others. But they are not totally to blame, our elder population is great a criticizing but rarely participates in the solution. There are those ten percent of skilled elders that do help at school functions, coach, teach vocational skills, read to young people and actively pursue the giving of their knowledge to others. However, it still is a pitiful short-fall in our society. “to give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion” Proverbs 1:5.  The activity of sharing of knowledge many not only come from physical participation but also from written and verbal explanations of skills and most importantly the unique knowledge you have of that skill, such as, beware of the burning the cake if you fail to spray the pan. Its those helpful hints that become mindful for those who give and tickling to those who receive the good graces of special attention. For advancing your spirit , the cycle is then repeated.

I have had the pleasure to instruct many people from adolencense to matured adults and it never ceases to amaze me that the little knowledge I may bring might be just what was necessary to bring joy to students. A new angle, a new approach, explaining new technologies are all functions of answering a calling of God for his children to grow. I hope that you are able to give that refined skill-set you have of inner knowledge to another of God’s children, it may even be a struggling co-worker. Your centered spirit, if right will have the aptitude and attitude to concisely carry your skills to greater heights along with sharing those skills with others for cyclical wholeness. Seeking foundational truth, through observation and research


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